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10 Things You'd Rather Be Doing Than a Commercial Insurance Renewal


At Ventiv Technology, we have been in the risk management business for four decades and take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on helping our clients save money, improve safety, and streamline their risk management and policy administration process. However, because our platform saves time, money, and aggravation, our clients tend to find more time for a bit of levity.

If you're still working for a company with an old-fashioned process that manages insurance renewals the old way, we're already sure that there are plenty of things you would not only rather do, but should do, than babysit commercial insurance renewals.

10 Things You'd Rather Do Than Insurance Renewals (And Will Have More Time For With an RMIS)

Consider ten things we'd rather have you do than spend an inordinate amount of time gathering data, checking for errors, and producing reports and analytics:

  1. Use your lunch hour to actually eat lunch.
  2. Use your lunch hour to start that walking program to get fit for summer.
  3. Enjoy supper with your family or friends because you can leave work on time.
  4. Organize that office desk drawer you haven't cleaned in so long that you still may have floppy disks or even cassette tapes stored in the bottom.
  5. Spend more time anticipating and mitigating risks to improve safety and save your company money.
  6. Provide your broker or underwriter with accurate data to ensure your company has the right amount of coverage.
  7. Check the status of your improved commercial insurance process from almost anywhere and a variety of different devices.
  8. Use the better negotiating position you have gained from consolidated and accurate data to get lower premium quotes
  9. Make your boss happy by telling him how much you've accomplished because of your streamlined processes.
  10. Brag to your associates in other companies how Ventiv Technology has streamlined the insurance renewal process and made you a superstar employee.

Well, actually the tenth suggestion is what we hope you will do. Of course, you might want to keep the competitive advantage of a truly streamlined, accurate, and productive insurance renewal process to yourself.

Our Policy Administration Platform Helps You Work Smarter

Do you dread the commercial insurance process and wonder if you're really getting the best results from your company's process? A better solution actually involves less work and not more work. If your company is still managing insurance renewals the old way, we'd like to invite you to consider how our products can help your manage all facets of insurance policy administration and renewals and allow your company to be part of the new digital transformation to boost performance and better control and manage risks.

As an experienced leader in technology solutions, we work to digitally transform the way that all sorts of companies manage risk. In fact, we provide the only truly integrated platform for risk management and insurance policy administration.

Contact us today. Tomorrow, start making plans for ways to use that extra time you'll have.

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Apr 8, 2015

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