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Robotic process automation and risk management software: merging technologies for even more efficient risk management

Don’t fear the robots!  Embracing innovation for risk management

Will your insurer contribute to a new risk management information system (RMIS)?

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation – What is it and how can it support the insurance industry?

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning help Risk Managers?

Ventiv shortlisted for Technology Innovation of the Year Award

The first GDPR rulings on spreadsheet breaches are in – are the floodgates opening?

Risk management can’t afford to ignore the “data dividend”; get started with the Ventiv/Aon guide to making use of analytics in risk management

Ventiv shortlisted for CIR Risk Management Awards for API integration project with Nestlé and Zurich

Breaking down barriers: What’s stopping risk managers from making use of data?

Making the most of Analytics: 5 key takeaways from Airmic

Regarding analytics and reporting, what should you expect from your claims-administration system?

5 things your software vendor should be doing to support your company’s data-governance priorities

Claims administration system delivery and deployment: Know your hosting options

RPA versus artificial intelligence and machine learning: not as flashy, but a strong value proposition nonetheless

Accommodating the priorities of today’s claim organizations

Excel spreadsheet vulnerability leads to KCC’s Grenfell Tower data protection verdict

The business case for applying GDPR-level data governance across regions

What should risk, insurance, claims, and safety leaders be doing to prepare for GDPR?

It’s no flying car, but robotic process automation (RPA) is exciting in its own right

Now is the time to manage your cyber risk

Asia-Pacific privacy framework shows data privacy is not just a European “thing”

Risk Managers: Harness the Power of Data and Analytics

Driving Claims Efficiency with Automation

Digital insights are the new currency of business; is your risk, insurance, or safety team positioned to capitalize on its data reserves?

What does the future hold for Risk Managers?

Ventiv's new ebook helps you evaluate claims technology against your organization's needs

Risk management should support, not stifle, company culture

IBM Watson Analytics is now embedded in RiskConsole Advance: Why it’s a big deal

2017 in review – ERM is on the rise, but there’s still room for improvement

Ventiv Technology Year-in-Review letter from CEO Bill Diaz

Want to know the future of risk technology? Look at the key trends happening today

The benefits of an RMIS when creating an ERM framework

How risk, claims and safety software could have saved Jurassic Park

Risk managers should have cyber threats like social engineering at the top of their risk register

Follow the leader – why risk management needs commitment from the top

Register (your risks) now!

Ransomware – are you managing the IT risks?

Why, and how, your organization should stress test its ERM and key business processes

ISO 31000 explained

Risks are changing – are you prepared?

The Power of Analytics in Risk Management

From Start-up to Corporate – How Risk Management Changes in a Growing Company

Leaving Spreadsheets in the Past

Risky Business: A Risk Manager’s Introduction to ERM

Should Risk Managers be at the forefront of creating company culture?

Changing risk management software providers?

New approach needed to ERM and managing risk? Thinking the Unthinkable

Redhand Advisors’ White Paper: “Aligning Technology with Risk Management Priorities”

Friday's DDoS Attack

Welcome Back to Business Insurance Magazine

Direct Delivery Leadership Council Meeting – August 2016 Data Is a Challenge for Everybody

What trends will disrupt claims management in the next 5 years?

US Presidential Nominees' Positions on Cybersecurity

Ventiv unlocks the value in your data with advanced analytics

How to successfully manage your team through stressful times

Business Insurance Closing Down – Let the Lamenting Begin

5 ways you can improve your workflow through claims management best practices

AIRMIC members see the Insurance Act as their highest concern

Attacking the runaway inflation in your workers’ compensation claim expense

Novarica Describes “New Normal” for P&C Insurers

Do you understand your Risk Management Ecosystem?

3 hacks to gather renewal data more effectively

Are you getting the best results from your insurance renewal strategy?

Airmic 2016: The Insurance Act, a new frontier in risk?

3 signs that your technology setup is hindering your renewal process

The Insurance Act: End of  Data Dumping?

I don’t live in the UK, what does the UK Insurance Act have to do with me?

The Insurance Act: A New Dawn for Risk Management

OSHA Recordkeeping 2016

The Tie Between Golfers and Data

The Insurance Act: Do you know your DoD from your DoFP?

New Guide: Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015- Make sure you're ready

A Thought from RIMS 2016 - RMIS Implementation Lessons Learned

How claims reporting delivers insight to drive your business forward

A Thought From RIMS 2016 - Strategic Risks

A Thought From RIMS 2016

Another triumph for Ventiv Technology as we win “Risk Management Solutions of the Year” at IRM Global Risk Awards

Cyber Exposure – Are You and Your Risk Management Systems Prepared?

Captives and Regulation – the good, the bad and the ugly

Risk Management in the World of Extended Supply Chains

Captive Insurance Companies are dead – long live Captive Insurance Companies!

How software helps the risk manager with the insurance consolidation trend.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A RMIS For Your Commercial Insurance Renewal [Infographic]

And the award for “Best User Implementation” goes to…Hyatt and Ventiv!

What risk managers should know about coming changes to the accounting treatment for lease obligations

No data scientist on staff? 6 alternative sources of data expertise

Was it an “incident” or an “accident”? How a shared risk lexicon facilitates effective communication across a company

Measuring the return on investment in a risk management information system

TCOR vs. TCOIR: For risk managers, it's a distinction with a difference

The current (and looming) skilled-labor shortage: Why it's a risk management issue

The fuel for any analytics engine: data that’s present, detailed and highly accurate

Carriers and TPAs know it’s all about analytics these days; but are they paying enough attention to their data foundations?

We’ll show you ours. Will they show you theirs?

What I learned moderating a panel at Business Insurance’s Cyber Risk Summit 2015

The Flow of Risk Management Data in Corporations

Analyzing Risk Data for Insurance Renewals

3 Main Benefits of Increasing Communication with Employees

How to Avoid Replicating the Auditing Department's Job

Why Risk Managers Should be Accurate, Not Precise

How to Keep Up With Changing Insurance Regulations

How Cyber Risk Might Impact Insurance Decisions

How an RMIS Improves a Risk Manager's Ability to Multitask

Ventiv Experience Conference: Playing to Win

How an RMIS Fits into a Company's Risk Management Process

Risk Management Requirements for Captive Insurance Companies

Cyber Risk Management: How Ventiv Utilizes Private Cloud Technology

Industries that Use RMIS Technology That You May Not Have Considered

Various Types of Risks an RMIS Can Help Mitigate

5 Key Challenges for Captive Insurance Companies and Parent Companies

What is Captive Insurance?

2 Common Mistakes That Captive Insurance Companies Make

3 Essential Tools for Captive Insurance Management

Top 4 Reasons Risk Managers Use Risk Management Software

The Benefits Of Captive Reporting And Data Management Technology

The Captive Manager’s Guide To Risk Management

Why Every Big Business Needs a Risk Management Information System

How to Perform a Simple Small-Business Risk Assessment

What To Expect When Integrating A New RMIS In Your Business

How To Choose The Right Risk Management Software

Successful Risk Managers In The USA

Tips For Communicating Safety Requirements To Employees

Spotting Safety Risks And Hazards In The Workplace

Why Is Safety Standards Communication So Critical?

The Right Safety Management Software For You

Streamlining Your Corporate Safety Process With RMIS

Effective Employee Safety Training Tips

How Risk Management Software (RMIS) Saves Money

A Brief Summary of the Long History of Risk Management

How to Involve Employees in the Safety Management Process

Understanding the Importance of OSHA Safety Standards

How Safety Impacts Your Insurance Rates

EPA Safety Standards: Monitoring and Enforcement

Top 5 Risk Management Myths

Why You Need To Revisit Safety Guidelines Every Year

Our Favorite Books About Risk Management

How to Integrate Safety into All Aspects of Your Business

7 Things Successful Risk Managers Do Every Day

5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Risk Manager

Clouds and Consolidation: The Future of Risk Analysis

8 Common Terms Risk Managers Use

Trends For Risk Managers To Follow In 2015

Two Risk Exposure Examples That Crippled The Company

The Benefits of Educating Workers About Safety Standards

Making the Business Case for Employee Safety Training

How to Identify Future Safety Exposures

3 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety, Employee Morale, and Profits

3 Things You Need to Know About Safety Software

Mitigating Loss Through Safety

Here's Why You Should Implement Safety Procedures at Your Company Now

Commercial Insurance Renewals: Best Practices

How to Protect Your Company's Profits

How to Eliminate Errors in the Insurance Renewal Process

How an RMIS Improves Data Auditing and Why You Should Care

How Insurance Companies Use Your Data to Set Premiums

Avoid these Minor Mistakes if You Want a Smooth Renewal Process

4 Questions to Ask Your Agent Prior to a Renewal

8 New Purpose-Built RiskConsole Capabilities Introduced by Ventiv Technology Since RIMS 2014

What Not to Do During the Insurance Renewal Process

3 Surprising Insights From Your RMIS Exposure Data

Being Proactive About the Commercial Insurance Renewal Process

Two Challenges You Could Face During a Commercial Insurance Renewal

Outlining the Commercial Insurance Renewal Process

Can You Answer This: What is Commercial Liability Insurance?

10 Things You'd Rather Be Doing Than a Commercial Insurance Renewal

How a Risk Analyst Can Save Time During the Renewals Process

How a Chief Financial Officer Can Save Time on Insurance Renewals

What Role Do Spreadsheets Play In The Insurance Renewal Process?

How Risk Managers Can Save Time During the Commercial Insurance Renewal Process

Commercial Insurance Renewal Checklist and Timeline

Important Commercial Insurance Renewal Dates

Improve Your Risk Assessment & Risk Management Skills With These Tips

What Information Do Brokers Need for Renewals?

How to Better Predict the Outcome of an Insurance Claim

Evaluating the Security of a RMIS? Here’s What to Look for, and Why

What is an RMIS (Risk Management Information System)?

The Definitive Guide to Commercial Insurance Renewal

The Benefits of Using RiskConsole for Commercial Insurance Renewal

Who’s Involved In Your Commercial Insurance Renewal?

7 Key Benefits of Using An RMIS For Your Commercial Insurance Renewal

What Information Is Needed During the Commercial Insurance Renewal?

Commercial Insurance Renewal Timetable

10 signs your organization needs risk management technology for insurance renewals

Not everything’s negotiable: What risk managers need to know about cloud contracts

Ventiv has elevated the CISO’s role; why should risk and insurance managers care?

Instilling the importance of information security as an everyday activity

6 things to expect from a vendor-client stewardship meeting

Operational risk on a broader scale: 3 ways to turn vision into action

10 ways to find out if you need a RMIS for your next insurance renewal

Experience 2014: Previewing 5 client-led claims administration classes

How technology empowers risk managers to improve warranty programs

5 reasons risk data is valuable for businesses of any size

Practical applications of data visualization: Aon's Political Risk Map

Understanding and mitigating cyber risk: Where do risk managers start?

Boosting confidence in renewal data and how the RMIS is here to help

Take our poll: Predictive analytics & your risk and insurance programs

Avoiding coverage gaps: How risk management information software helps

Business, regulate thyself: Risk management’s proper role in the wake of the Charleston chemical spill

Client Focus: Managing marine claims in one clear view

ISO 27001:2005 certification: Why should risk and insurance managers care that their providers achieve it?

Client Focus: Cutting-edge renewal-data collection

Risk pools and the status quo of their risk management information software

6 short, true stories of how risk managers are reaping bottom-line results with Intelligent Mapping location analytics

Bringing the weather into risk management: A new report on how businesses can better protect themselves

View the on-demand webinar: Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system

Iliinsky’s 4 pillars of effective “data visualization”—for risk, claims and safety managers

Risk management software, risk pools and pool members:
Thoughts on a recent presentation to the National League of Cities

Shooting at N.J. shopping mall points up need for risk and safety management systems

5 reasons to act now on OSHA’s new electronic-submission proposal

6 advantages of unifying data into a risk management information system

Calling all risk managers: Join Aon eSolutions’ Mark LeVeque and Esri for location analytics webinar on 10/30

Implementing risk management software? Stick to the plan, but be flexible

Sweat-free auditability courtesy of reliable risk management software

Climbing the organizational ladder with your risk management system

The Daily Show: dashboard reporting from your risk management system

Rite Aid discusses use of RiskConsole as a claims administration tool

Encouraging user acceptance of risk management software

Ease of access to risk data: ‘Try to do that with a spreadsheet’

4 guiding factors for phased risk management software implementations

iVOS client Pendulum to discuss cloud computing & claims management

Moving to a new RMIS? Consider one that can grow with you

How Sedgwick improved the security & efficiency of claims payment approvals

Thinking ‘bigger picture’ thanks to your risk management system

RMIS automation opportunities: property renewals & incidents and claims

Believe-it-or-not tales of RMIS risk data consolidation

How Textron builds effective risk management dashboards

The right moves: 6 steps to purchasing your risk management system

Making the case for a RMIS, gaining internal approval

Top factors for evaluating a risk management system and suppliers

If paperless is so great, why isn’t all claims administration paper-free?

How a risk management system delivers ROI savings

Transforming risk management and our world through maps: Thoughts from Esri's user conference

Data mapping in a RMIS: Help your risk data find its way

Total cost of risk: How does yours measure up?

4 ways a risk management system stacks your deck with data

If risk managers don't see RMIS benefits, how will their bosses?

How Target uses risk data to help manage claim and safety outcomes

Risk reporting and mapping: How risk management software aids decision making

The blueprint: hierarchy and reporting structures in risk management software

5 reasons organizations are investing in a RMIS

How Mosaic uses risk management software to manage corrective actions

9 essential functions of a risk management information system

Critical success factors in risk management software implementations

The RMIS, renewals & efficiency: Make the process faster and easier

A look at who’s using risk management information systems

What is a risk management information system & what can it do for you?

Successful RMIS implementations: Collaboration is vital

The RMIS, renewals & outperforming hardening insurance markets

8 factors for a successful risk management software deployment

One way to understand big data in the context of risk management

To lower your total cost of risk, first measure its elements

Answering your risk and safety questions with risk mapping

3 Ways to Transform the OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Process

Research shows value in measuring total cost of risk

The 3 Pillars: A solid foundation for risk management software

5 Ways to Make Risk Management Data Work for You

Let us do the maths: calculate your ROI from a RMIS

It’s a New Year. Will 2013 be the Year of “Big Data”?

How do you reduce the impact of residual risks?

Does HIPAA apply to the risk and insurance industry?

How BSHSI takes a smart approach to risk data

Risk managers getting savvy about cloud computing, cyber risk and security

The TCOR Connection to Broad Organizational Priorities

Claims management and medical bill review systems: What does “fully integrated” really mean?