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Change is the only constant: On the virtues of refreshing software technology

For any technology provider, including Aon eSolutions, where I lead the Global Product Management and Engineering team, it’s essential to continually evaluate the latest in technology infrastructure, application tools and design principles. For example, with technology infrastructure, we see big changes from year to year in the availability and quality of off-the-shelf technology “plumbing.” In years past, software developers had to hand craft huge swathes of a new system’s technology infrastructure. Today, software providers across the board are taking advantage of the vastly greater range of system building blocks available to reduce our effort and deliver new capabilities to our clients.

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A Valentine to our valued clients

As vice president of Global Client Management for Aon eSolutions, it’s part of my job to be sure that every day of the year, we show our clients that we care. But what better day than Valentine’s Day to take to the Aon eSolutions blog and show our valued clients a little extra love?

Let us do the maths: calculate your ROI from a RMIS

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In recent weeks, I’ve directed numerous risk and insurance managers in the market for a new RMIS to our online Return on Investment (ROI) calculator. When they enter their organization’s details, the common response is, “We can really get this kind of return on our investment in a RMIS?!?!?”

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