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Research shows value in measuring total cost of risk

total cost of risk (TCOR): drafting instruments

In the field of risk management, we’re fortunate to have at our disposal a growing volume of research into the evolving role of (and expectations on) risk management. For the risk manager, such research can be a useful confirmation of (or, sometimes, a corrective to) first-hand experience and viewpoints shared by peers. In other words, research offers a potentially valuable “macro” complement to the risk manager’s “micro” perspectives.

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The 3 Pillars: A solid foundation for risk management software

3 pillars or risk management software

In the last ten years or so, the risk management landscape has undergone dramatic change, much of which has been driven by factors outside the risk manager’s traditional purview. Among those factors are the expanding scope and impact of corporate governance; surging rates of litigation; ever-changing regulatory requirements; and, last but not least, evolving practices in the self-retention and transfer of risk.  

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5 Ways to Make Risk Management Data Work for You

risk data management graphic

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