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Moving to a new RMIS? Consider one that can grow with you

When an organization moves to a new risk management information system (RMIS), it is usually making the change for a specific reason or reasons. Perhaps the organization requires more flexibility in tracking and reporting data. Maybe it wants the more powerful functionality that technology can provide. It may want to handle its risk management operations more efficiently across multiple departments, from field user up to the C-suite level.

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How Sedgwick improved the security & efficiency of claims payment approvals

Experience 2013: A preview of Sedgwick’s session

Sedgwick’'s new batch payment approval process: Security and efficiency gains, and how iVOS users can get similar benefits

I recently spoke with Thom Baxter, Applications Development Manager, and Kashia Farmer, IT QA Supervisor, of Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., about the topic they plan to cover at the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta.

Topics: Data Security & Cyber Risk Claims Administration

Thinking ‘bigger picture’ thanks to your risk management system

Everyone could use more time for "“blue ocean"” thinking, right?  More time to express strategic creativity and identify innovations that could lower total cost of risk?  That could really set the risk manager apart and impress the executives in the corner offices. Yet the duties of day-to-day risk management often seem like a 24/7 job. Who has time for thinking?

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RMIS automation opportunities: property renewals & incidents and claims

Risk management departments have squeezed efficiencies out of every process, computer and employee. Yet have they maximized the efficiencies in their risk management information system? An essential RMIS benefit is the ability to automate processes. But which processes? How many make good candidates for automation?

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Believe-it-or-not tales of RMIS risk data consolidation

Despite the availability of advanced risk management software, companies today are still using dated methods for handling risk data. A global real estate company, for instance, excels at developing a portfolio of commercial, multifamily and residential properties yet it struggles at building its own risk management information system. Until the decision was made to turn to a RMIS to achieve data consolidation, this client had been using a complicated system of spreadsheets and databases to handle risk data. 

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How Textron builds effective risk management dashboards

Experience 2013: A preview of Textron's session

Building risk management dashboards that drive performance; selecting metrics that are relevant to operations and senior managment

I recently spoke with Dan Shaughnessy, Director, Disability and Wellness Programs, with Textron, Inc., about the session he'’ll be leading at the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta. Textron is one of the world’'s leading multi-industry companies, ranking 225th on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies. Many of Textron'’s subsidiaries are household names, including Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft and E-Z-GO.

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The right moves: 6 steps to purchasing your risk management system

From assessment to planning to implementation, the pathway to purchasing a risk management information system (RMIS) will vary from organization to organization. But the following six steps may help you better determine whether you can benefit from a risk management system, what you want your RMIS to do, who to buy it from, and how to implement it for best results.

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Making the case for a RMIS, gaining internal approval

Okay, you'’ve now done your research and due diligence. You’'ve evaluated different systems and RMIS providers. You'’ve worked out the return on investment. And you are confident of the great benefit a risk management information system can bring to your organization.

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