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Sweat-free auditability courtesy of reliable risk management software

A Fortune 100 technology firm made a startling discovery thanks to a bit of auditability. The Aon eSolutions client turned to the consolidated data in their risk management information system (RMIS) and asked a question most all business insurance buyers ask: Are we underreserving or overreserving? It turned out that their reserves were out of control.

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Climbing the organizational ladder with your risk management system

Imagine one organization with multiple databases filled with risk management data. Claims information fills its spreadsheets, though data on estate movements and payment transactions are not recorded anywhere. Can you imagine what the risk manager from this firm – an actual healthcare and education provider – must do to impress the board?

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The Daily Show: dashboard reporting from your risk management system

Risk managers have email, and they have smart phones and Facebook accounts. They may even own an app or two (or two hundred) and dabble with tablet devices and e-readers. We may not go so far as calling them techies, but they understand how technology empowers them, both at home and on the job. It makes sense then that more and more of our risk management clients are asking for their own risk management system dashboards in order to generate their own executive-grade reports – for themselves and for their bosses.

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Rite Aid discusses use of RiskConsole as a claims administration tool

Experience 2013: A preview of Rite Aid’s session

The RMIS as claims administration tool: The Rite Aid Experience with Aon risk management software as robust claims handling application

At the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta, I'’ll be joining Rite Aid’s Jason Heffleger, manager of Business Analytics for the Risk Management department, to lead a session focused on using RiskConsole for day-to-day claims administration.

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Encouraging user acceptance of risk management software

As we continue this series of blog posts focusing on the attributes of a successful risk management software implementation, we turn our attention now to user-acceptance testing, or UAT.

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Ease of access to risk data: ‘Try to do that with a spreadsheet’

"Try to do that with a spreadsheet." If risk managers need a mantra in the age of analytics and big data, they could repeat that, over and over, to themselves and to anyone else in their organization who will listen.

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4 guiding factors for phased risk management software implementations

As we continue our series on successful implementations of risk management software, I'’d like to examine the benefits of implementing a new system in phases. In my experience managing hundreds of implementations, I'’ve found that bringing the application up in defined, manageable segments can be a win-win for both the RMIS provider and the client.

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iVOS client Pendulum to discuss cloud computing & claims management

Experience 2013: A preview of Pendulum'’s session

Eight years of Aon-hosting: The Pendulum experience with RIScloud hosting of the iVOS application and data

Susan Jones, director of Claims & Adverse Event Management Services with iVOS client Pendulum, will join Scott Wilson, Aon eSolutions VP of Hosting and IT operations, to lead a session at the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta.

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