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Risk management software, risk pools and pool members:
Thoughts on a recent presentation to the National League of Cities

On October 23, I joined Mike Theut of Aon eSolutions in Portland, Ore., to give a presentation at the National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium. The conference organizers asked us to speak to some 200 attendees at the general luncheon session on the subject of “Trends in Technology & Emerging Solutions for Risk Pools.”

After the conference, Mike suggested I talk to the Aon eSolutions Impact Blog to share my thoughts about the session and why, we think, it was of interest to attendees, who were primarily staff of state-level municipalities (i.e., the members of the risk pools) and the executive staff of the risk pools themselves. 

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Shooting at N.J. shopping mall points up need for risk and safety management systems

Earlier this month, a gunman walked into the Westfield Garden State Plaza shopping mall in Paramus, N.J., and fired six shots with a rifle. Thankfully, no patrons or employees were injured or killed; the gunman fired into the ceiling, a store façade, an elevator and an escalator. The shooter, a 20-year-old man dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet, took his own life but, according to reports, chose not to fire at patrons or employees.

Garden State Plaza is among the largest, busiest malls in northern New Jersey, and the gunfire prompted panic and pandemonium as shoppers and staff fled outside or took refuge in the back rooms of stores. 

I’m blogging about this today because a colleague forwarded to me a report from NorthJersey.com from two days after the shooting (Wed., Nov. 6) that quoted Sean Ahrens of Aon Global Risk Consulting, a noted security expert. Sean discussed security measures that malls and other public places should have in place to deter incidents and improve the response to events like the shooting at Garden State Plaza. 

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5 reasons to act now on OSHA’s new electronic-submission proposal

If you’re a risk and/or safety manager, you’re probably interested in OSHA’s proposal from Nov. 7 to amend its recordkeeping regulations by adding requirements for the electronic submission of establishment-specific injury and illness data. Employers subject to OSHA regulations are already required to keep this information, yet according to OSHA, the agency has timely, systematic access to establishment-specific injury and illness data from only a small percentage of the 7.5 million establishments in the U.S.  

What would these new electronic submission requirements mean for businesses and other organizations subject to OSHA regulations?

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6 advantages of unifying data into a risk management information system

Unifying_data_RMISIf you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy having everything in one place. And, when I speak with clients they often tell me that having all their risk and insurance data in one place is the biggest benefit of using our risk management information system. 

So, in this blog post I wanted to highlight some of the key advantages that unifying all your risk and insurance data in one system can have, rather than using a variety of databases and spreadsheets.

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