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What have we done for our clients lately? Update from the Product Management team

Reading my colleague Mark LeVeque’s blog post from December 18 about taking stock of achievements in 2013 prompted me to write this post about some key top-level accomplishments the Product Management team made last year. I particularly liked the way Mark contextualized our achievements in location analytics in terms of the business value our clients derive from the Intelligent Mapping tool in Aon RiskConsole. The three accomplishments I’ll detail below are, on the surface, a bit internal facing; however, I’ll try to make plain exactly why each accomplishment is crucial to delivering more products and product enhancements that, to use the guiding Aon mission statement, “deliver distinctive client value.” 

Report from RIMS Chicago chapter panel session on risk management information software

Last week, the RIMS Chicago chapter hosted an hour-long session for area risk managers on the topic of risk management information systems (RMIS). I had the pleasure of speaking on the panel together with leaders from several other RMIS providers. The event organizers announced that there were approximately 170 chapter members in attendance for what turned out to be a lively discussion, which I’ll recap in this blog post. 

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