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How technology empowers risk managers to improve warranty programs

In the business world, it’s not unusual to identify trends that could benefit the clients we serve. Spotting trends, however, is usually the easy part. The challenge comes in developing products and services that empower businesses to capitalize on those trends.

I see an encouraging development in the world of warranty-program management: More and more corporate risk managers are getting actively involved in the process of placing coverage for their warranty programs with insurers (typically, extended-warranty programs); risk managers also want to manage their warranty programs more actively (in this case, both extended- and manufacturer’s-warranty programs).

So why am I blogging about warranty programs on the eSolutions Impact blog, which is focused on risk, insurance and safety technology? There are two main reasons:

  1. Data management is essential to the goal of empowering risk managers to manage their warranty programs more effectively; and

  2. Risk management information software is uniquely suited to managing warranty data.

5 reasons risk data is valuable for businesses of any size

For those of us in the business of risk management information software, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that the value propositions we tend to take for granted as valid and relevant are not always compelling or obvious. Take, for example, a key message you’ll often hear from us: namely, that ready access to accurate, comprehensive risk and insurance data—and the ability to analyze and report on that data—is of vital importance to risk managers and their organizations.

This past spring, Aon eSolutions introduced a low-cost risk management information system designed specifically for companies with annual revenues in the $1 billion and under range. As I’ve been speaking with risk managers at these organizations (sometimes called “the Fortune 1000” or “middle market”), I’ve been reminded that the importance of risk data needs to be proven just as any other value proposition requires.

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Practical applications of data visualization: Aon's Political Risk Map

The risk of political instability in emerging-market countries is a growing concern for risk managers and multinational organizations. To help them identify their exposures and track the associated risks, the Aon Crisis Management Group publishes and regularly updates the Aon Political Risk Map

Now, I know that a business blog like this is not the place to plug your own company's products and services; however, I've received special clearance to spotlight the integration of Aon's Political Risk Map into the RiskConsole Intelligent Mapping application. I hope you'll take two and a half minutes to watch this demo-style video, "Visualizing Exposures and Their Associated Risks: Integrating the Aon Political Risk Map into RiskConsole's Intelligent Mapping Application." 

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