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Cyber Exposure – Are You and Your Risk Management Systems Prepared?

I just read a well written article on the intersection between Cyber risk and Property risk.

Topics: Data Security & Cyber Risk

Captives and Regulation – the good, the bad and the ugly

Reflecting on the AMRAE conference which took place in Lille, France from February 3rd to 5th this year, it was again a well visited event with a very interesting agenda.

Topics: Captive Risk Management

Risk Management in the World of Extended Supply Chains

The attention being given to the supply chain is getting unbelievable. Manufacturers are being held accountable for wrongdoings, alleged and real, by suppliers and sub-suppliers throughout the chain of supply. Even the folks at Apple or Boeing, who have two of the most rigorous supply chain management systems in the world, face challenges from time to time.

Topics: risk management

Captive Insurance Companies are dead – long live Captive Insurance Companies!


Since Frederic M. Reiss, “the father of captives” implemented the first captive insurance company there has been a continuous growth in net numbers, a trend which is still ongoing with annual growth of approx. 5%. Captives would cover “traditional coverages” such as Property/Casualty and were used as a risk management tool (Bawcutt, P. 1997) to
Topics: Captive Risk Management