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Direct Delivery Leadership Council Meeting – August 2016 Data Is a Challenge for Everybody

I had the opportunity to attend the semi-annual meeting of the Direct Delivery Leadership Council (DDLC) in Minneapolis. If you are not familiar with DDLC, check them out here. This is a cross-industry group of risk and safety management professionals who share a significant exposure to local operation of vehicles in their risk profiles. If you have local delivery operations in your risk portfolio, this is a group that you should seriously consider joining and actively supporting! There is leading-edge thinking coupled with thoughtful action at work in this group; this is not just information-sharing!

What trends will disrupt claims management in the next 5 years?

‘It’s essential to stay ahead of the pack. The industry is changing, and new technology is changing our lives every day. The company that doesn’t pay attention to that or at least stay abreast of what’s happening is going to be left behind.’

Topics: Claims Administration

US Presidential Nominees' Positions on Cybersecurity


I came across this Fast Company on-line article this morning and wanted to share it. While not endorsing or rejecting either candidate for the US Presidency, the article offers some views on each candidate’s positions on cybersecurity and privacy; two topics that will be very important for the incoming administration, without regard to which party wins the White House in November. The article takes about 10 minutes to read, and is well worth the investment of that much of your time.