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Angus Rhodes

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ISO 31000 explained

ISO defines a risk management framework as “a set of components that provide the foundations and organizational arrangements for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving risk management throughout the organization”.

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The Power of Analytics in Risk Management

Imagine a world of risk management without access to data, analysis and reports. It’s unthinkable. All Risk Managers know that analytics is key to highlighting areas of concern, identifying root causes of claims and accidents and choosing which high impact risk should be their focus.

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From Start-up to Corporate – How Risk Management Changes in a Growing Company

All businesses have risk, and with many start-ups failing within their first four years, somebody needs to take responsibility for managing risk, even in a small company.

When a start-up makes that all-important decision to grow, there are huge risks to deal with and there are even more on-going risks associated with being a large company. What was a basic risk management solution is now no longer enough – you need an enterprise risk management framework.

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Risky Business: A Risk Manager’s Introduction to ERM


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Should Risk Managers be at the forefront of creating company culture?

Corporate culture encompasses brand values, employee attitudes, policies and standards. A company’s risk appetite makes up a huge part of this and the risk management strategy has to be embedded across an organization to ensure a stable business.

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New approach needed to ERM and managing risk? Thinking the Unthinkable

I Just attended the inaugural AIRMIC ERM forum and  I found the first plenary speaker, Nik Gowing, was really thought provoking.

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Ventiv unlocks the value in your data with advanced analytics

Insurers & corporations are constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet their goals such as to reduce such costs, reduce exposure, maximize profits, stay competitive, make work environments safer & improve customer satisfaction amongst others.

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The Flow of Risk Management Data in Corporations

Do you understand how risk management data flows through your organization, arrives at your desk in a useful manner, and hopefully, contributes to good decisions all over your company? Defining the way that information moves in a company or other organization may help provide you with insights about ways the process can be streamlined and made more efficient and effective. This risk management data flow could be independent of any computer systems (or lack of them) to begin with. Of course, the right technology can make this entire process more efficient and productive.

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3 Main Benefits of Increasing Communication with Employees

According to an article in Inc. Magazine, "How to Communicate With Employees," communication between employers and employees (or the lack of it) can be associated with almost every issue that employers might have. These issues include employee morale, job attendance, and levels of performance and productivity. It's interesting because these are many of the same positive benefits that safer companies also enjoy. It's fairly easy to draw the conclusion that safer companies communicate better and companies that communicate better are safer.

How to Avoid Replicating the Auditing Department's Job

Yes, having access to audited and auditable data matters for many different aspects of risk management. On the other hand, risk managers want to avoid audit replication by not attempting to do or redo the auditing department's job for them. When, for example, a risk manager finds herself spending most of her time auditing for insurance renewals and not working with brokers to get the right coverage at the right price, there may be a problem with the company's processes.

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