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Jamie McDonnell

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Robotic process automation and risk management software: merging technologies for even more efficient risk management

We are in exciting times. Robotic process automation (RPA) is cutting-edge technology that is already in widespread use and delivering strong return on investment in industries and sectors of all kinds.

 RPA is enhancing operational efficiency by allowing bots, or ‘digital workers’ to perform manual, repetitive tasks once done by human workers. RPA not only has a positive impact on accuracy, productivity and the bottom line, but also it allows for a more motivated workforce who can then concentrate on more interesting and less laborious parts of their jobs.

Topics: Automation

Will your insurer contribute to a new risk management information system (RMIS)?

For many risk managers out there, now is when you are looking at your insurance renewals ahead of the 1st January. Did you realise that this is also a great opportunity to consider your risk management needs?

Topics: risk management software

Risk management can’t afford to ignore the “data dividend”; get started with the Ventiv/Aon guide to making use of analytics in risk management

According to an Airmic report from summer 2017, “More than a third of risk managers (35%) say that their use of analytics tools today is limited, but within three years, more than half of risk managers (56%) expect to be using data analytics extensively in their roles.” Ventiv is committed to helping risk managers move from the status quo—limited use of analytics tools—into an analytics-centric future. That’s why we partnered with Aon Risk Solutions to produce a white paper called “Driving the Data Dividend. Making Use of Analytics in Risk Management.” Produced specially for Airmic members, we’re delighted to make this paper available to a wider audience.

Topics: risk management 2018.10 redesign Analytics, Reporting & Data Visualization data management

Breaking down barriers: What’s stopping risk managers from making use of data?

Risk managers cite a number of challenges in making use of data. We partnered with Airmic and Aon to research and address the challenges faced when managing data analytics in risk management.

Topics: Data Security & Cyber Risk data management Analytics, Reporting & Data Visualization risk management software

Excel spreadsheet vulnerability leads to KCC’s Grenfell Tower data protection verdict

We are in the final stages of counting down to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which officially comes into force on 25th May 2018. This means that these are the final weeks for businesses to assess, implement, and amend processes to sufficiently protect any data that is collected and stored before significant penalties come in for slack information protection practices.

Topics: GDPR & Data Governance

Risk management should support, not stifle, company culture

Each business has its own risk priorities. This could be anything from social media, cyber security and terrorism to internal strategies, new technology and competition. Some will be short term and others will focus on future planning.

Topics: risk management

2017 in review – ERM is on the rise, but there’s still room for improvement

As businesses start to implement their plans for a new year, we’ve taken a look back at 2017 to review how the handling and perception of risk management has changed. From our team’s vast experience of working with our clients and other organisations in the industry, we’ve found overall that there is a rise in the understanding, and use of formal risk practices. However, as always, there is still room for improvement. 

Topics: risk management enterprise risk management risk management software

The benefits of an RMIS when creating an ERM framework

Spreadsheets are great. However, they really don’t cut it when you are trying to develop a complex enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. Multiple formulas, lots of sheets/tabs, broken links, numerous people editing the same document, version control issues… The list of issues goes on.

Topics: enterprise risk management