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Jeff Gehrke

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Changing risk management software providers?

We learned last week that Crawford & Co. has reached an agreement to sell the stand-alone installations of its risk management information systems software solution, provided by Risk Sciences Group (RSG) to Origami Risk, in what is being called a “Client Refocus”. This has to be quite a blow to those long-term RSG clients, who are now faced with the prospect of their RMIS provider leaving the marketplace and having to go through a market search for a replacement solution.

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Redhand Advisors’ White Paper: “Aligning Technology with Risk Management Priorities”

In mid-2016, Redhand advisers undertook a survey of risk management professionals and, this week, published their findings in a white paper, “Aligning Technology with Risk Management Priorities”.  Find a copy of the white paper here

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Friday's DDoS Attack

Friday, we saw one of the most wide-ranging distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the internet in recent memory. This time it wasn't a single site, but the service provided by Dynamic Network Services Corp, or Dyn, which is one of the entities that is responsible for routing internet traffic to the hosts that users are connecting to. 

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Welcome Back to Business Insurance Magazine

Back in August of this year we were startled to learn that Crain Communications had stopped publication of Business Insurance magazine and its associated website. For those of us, at least those of us with a bit of gray hair, this was a huge loss. We grew up in the risk and insurance management business with Business Insurance as required weekly reading. It was the Bible of that part of our business, and losing it so suddenly in August was like losing a key staff member.

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Direct Delivery Leadership Council Meeting – August 2016 Data Is a Challenge for Everybody

I had the opportunity to attend the semi-annual meeting of the Direct Delivery Leadership Council (DDLC) in Minneapolis. If you are not familiar with DDLC, check them out here. This is a cross-industry group of risk and safety management professionals who share a significant exposure to local operation of vehicles in their risk profiles. If you have local delivery operations in your risk portfolio, this is a group that you should seriously consider joining and actively supporting! There is leading-edge thinking coupled with thoughtful action at work in this group; this is not just information-sharing!

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US Presidential Nominees' Positions on Cybersecurity


I came across this Fast Company on-line article this morning and wanted to share it. While not endorsing or rejecting either candidate for the US Presidency, the article offers some views on each candidate’s positions on cybersecurity and privacy; two topics that will be very important for the incoming administration, without regard to which party wins the White House in November. The article takes about 10 minutes to read, and is well worth the investment of that much of your time.

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Business Insurance Closing Down – Let the Lamenting Begin

I woke up this morning to the news that Crain Communications, publisher of Business Insurance Magazine, was closing down the long-lived magazine. I had to read the article twice to believe it. As a life-long risk manager, reading Business Insurance has been as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth or walking the dog.

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Attacking the runaway inflation in your workers’ compensation claim expense

In a recent article in Business Insurance “Workers comp cycle poised to tighten for insurers, buyers”, a number of sources are quoted supporting the proposition that Workers’ Compensation (WC) rates will rise in the coming renewal cycle. With the line boasting a 95% combined ratio in 2015, the market expects that ratio to leap to as high as 105% when 2016 results are assessed. What is going on here?

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Novarica Describes “New Normal” for P&C Insurers

I just participated in a conference call with Novarica on their list of 100 technology-enabled business capabilities that represent the “new normal” for insurers. You can review the report here.

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Do you understand your Risk Management Ecosystem?

Some may call it a Risk Management Ecosystem, some may call it a Risk Management Supply Chain, some might not even think about it at all. In my view, the Risk Management Ecosystem is a living community that interacts and is interdependent, much like a natural ecosystem. Each part will be different from each of the others, serving its own particular niche in the sustenance and health of the overall system and, as the senior leader in risk management, it is your unique responsibility to assemble, nurture and manage the entire ecosystem to achieve the best performance for your company.

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