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John Irving

John Irving is a Development Manager at Ventiv Technology where he is primarily responsible for helping multi-national organisation across EMEA get to grips with their insurance, incident and risk data. John’s career in insurance started with a Lloyds’s of London syndicate and he has more recently worked as an Insurance Manager at two FTSE100 oil & gas companies. He has first-hand experience of implementing new technology solutions within a large corporate environment and brings a strong understanding of the data and information challenges faced by risk and insurance managers. John spends much of his time evangelising on the importance of high-quality data and how it can be utilised by companies to help make better business decisions and ultimately reduce their total cost of risk.

Recent Posts by John Irving:

Making the most of Analytics: 5 key takeaways from Airmic

John Irving, Ventiv’s very own Commercial Director, EMEA, had the opportunity to run an informative workshop on the topic “Unlocking the unknown, the future of risk management analytics”. He shared his expertise in analytics and using AI to support key business decisions, as well as giving a demonstration of Ventiv’s RiskConsole system and Watson analytics.

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Want to know the future of risk technology? Look at the key trends happening today

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Making the best possible use of new and emerging technology, including enterprise software, is vitally important for almost any organization. In our hypercompetitive, ever-evolving global economy, few companies can afford to become complacent when it comes to how they choose their software and what they expect from it. This applies to the discipline of risk management just as it applies to, say, operations, finance, logistics, or any other corporate function. As risk managers look to technology to help them adapt to turbulent times, what should they be looking for in their risk software?

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Follow the leader – why risk management needs commitment from the top

A company’s ethos is set from the top, so shouldn’t it make sense that senior figures need to set the tone for the risk management culture as well?

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Register (your risks) now!

You have your risk management framework in place but what is the next step? Firstly, well done for getting this far. A lot of hard work goes into a good framework. Now you have to put it into practice.

As part of the risk management plan you will need a log of all the potential risks that might affect your business. A risk register, also known as a risk log, is an important part of a company’s risk planning and helps to fulfil many regulatory requirements. Here is some guidance on what a risk register is and how to develop one.

Topics: enterprise risk management

Risks are changing – are you prepared?

It is said a lot, but we live in an ever-changing world. Just 20 years ago we were watching video tapes, using a signature to authenticate our purchases and had never heard of Facebook or LinkedIn. And that is without mentioning the huge impact the Internet and mobile phones have had.

Topics: Compliance

AIRMIC members see the Insurance Act as their highest concern

At this years' AIRMIC conference in Harrogate, we carried out a survey to determine the risk communities highest concern at the moment. Unsurprisingly, the impact of the Insurance Act came out on top with 31% of those who surveyed.

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The Insurance Act: End of  Data Dumping?

One of the biggest changes for Risk Managers in the wake of the Insurance Act 2015 coming into force in August 2016 is a new responsibility for interpreting as well as collating risk data.

Topics: risk management Compliance data management

The Insurance Act: A New Dawn for Risk Management

With the new UK Insurance Act coming into force August 2016 and applying to all insurance placed in the UK market, it is vital that companies act now in order to get their ‘houses in order.’ It is certainly a case of ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ when it comes implementing the right systems and processes now required.

Topics: risk management Compliance

The Insurance Act: Do you know your DoD from your DoFP?

The UK Insurance Act 2015 comes into force in August 2016 – but how many Risk Managers recognise the significant impact on day-to-day operations? Duty of Disclosure (DoD) is so ingrained in daily processes for Risk Managers there is the assumption that Duty of Fair Presentation (DoFP) may not be that different – this is a misunderstanding which should be remedied sooner rather than later.

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