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Steve Cloutman

Recent Posts by Steve Cloutman:

Ventiv shortlisted for CIR Risk Management Awards for API integration project with Nestlé and Zurich

I’m delighted to report that Ventiv Technology has been shortlisted for the ninth annual 2018 CIR Risk Management Awards in the category of Best Use of Technology in Risk Management. We based our award submission on a technology solution we developed for a Ventiv client—Nestlé—in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group. More specifically, the solution for which we’ve been shortlisted utilises application programming interface (API) technology to integrate Zurich’s My Zurich platform with Nestlé’s instance of Ventiv’s RiskConsole RMIS. 

Topics: RiskConsole data transformation

Airmic 2016: The Insurance Act, a new frontier in risk?

This year’s AIRMIC conference was held at the HIC in Harrogate, from Monday 6th June – Wednesday 8th June, and focused on “New frontiers in risk” within the world of Insurance, which enabled numerous organisations to delve into the world of risk prevention and management, industry innovation, employee benefits, and much more.

Topics: risk management RMIS insurance act

New Guide: Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015- Make sure you're ready

With the UK Insurance Act coming into force in August 2016, have you considered the full practical implications of complying with the new act?

Our new guide “Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015: Make sure you’re ready” looks to provide valuable insight and guidance into the changes outlined in the new insurance act and how you and your origination can prepare for them.

By downloading and reading this guide, you will receive:

  • A breakdown of the changes from the old Duty of Disclosure (DoD) to the new Duty of Fair Presentation (DoFP) and information on how you can comply with the requirements of the DoFP.
  • A clear definition of ‘reasonable search’ and details on how you can demonstrate a clear audit trail prior to market presentation
  • An understanding of how technology can help in categorising and assembling reliable data for presentation to the insurance market
  • A breakdown of the consequences of failure to comply with the Insurance Act
  • Information on the global impact, the act doesn’t only affect the UK
  • Details on how a Risk Management Information System can aid with complying with the Insurance Act 2015
Topics: risk management duty of fair presentation insurance act

10 ways to find out if you need a RMIS for your next insurance renewal

When it comes to gathering and consolidating insurance renewal data, risk and insurance managers can become caught up in endless amounts of spreadsheets, phone calls and emails.

In our experience, clients using spreadsheets for the commercial insurance renewal process will spend as much as 75 days collecting, checking and formatting data. The knock on effect is that insurance brokers and underwriters will often receive clients’ data later into the renewal process. This means brokers have less time to thoroughly analyse the renewal data and prepare the best possible insurance submission that will clearly explain a clients’ risk to insurance underwriters.

Topics: renewal data collection

Tesco benefits from greater control of its claims data using RiskConsole

Our fourth ‘client focus’ blog looks at how the insurable risk team at Tesco has been able to gain full control over their claims data to improve store safety and reduce accidents. The retail giant also uses data in RiskConsole, a risk management information system, to implement risk mitigation programmes that have reduced indemnity spend and deliver a competitive advantage.  

Topics: risk management software best practices risk data risk management data reporting and data visualization exposure management renewal data collection

Client Focus: The taste of success for global property and casualty risk data

In this our third “client focus” blog post, we look at how Heinz has used Aon RiskConsole to help them better manage their global property and casualty risk data for renewals and also to track property recommendations.  

Topics: risk management software best practices risk data risk management data reporting and data visualization exposure management renewal data collection

Client Focus: Managing marine claims in one clear view

In the second blog post of our “client focus” series, we look at how Canon has significantly improved its claims management process with the use of Aon RiskConsole. Investing in risk management information software has enabled Canon to adopt a streamlined approach to managing claims across its European and Middle East operations, whilst enhancing visibility through one system and reducing claim lead times from three months or more to a maximum of 35 days.

Topics: risk management software risk management data

Client Focus: Cutting-edge renewal-data collection

Welcome to a new series of blog posts that we’re running called "client focus." Our goal is to recognize what clients have been doing with Aon RiskConsole, the justification for their investment in risk management information software, and the results they've seen from turning risk and insurance data into insights.

In this, our first post in the series, we focus on the Mosaic Company. Mosaic was featured in a previous issue of Aon 360 magazine and is a great example of how a company can use Aon RiskConsole to improve the renewal-data collection process and, as a result, generate significant cost and time savings.

Topics: risk management software risk management data

View the on-demand webinar: Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system

If you’re interested in enterprise risk management, I encourage you to view a recent webinar hosted by Aon eSolutions called ERM: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system. The webinar runs for 35-minutes and includes presentations from Justin Lovell, business risk manager in the chief risk office of Aon UK Ltd., and Angus Rhodes, RMIS consultant with Aon eSolutions. The webinar was recorded from a live, online presentation given Friday, December 6.

Topics: enterprise risk management

Free webinar: Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system

Join this 45-minute webinar to learn how you can advance from spreadsheets to a formal approach to align enterprise efforts and make informed decisions that help embed ERM into your organisation and prepare you to avoid, manage or prevent future risk events.

Duration: 45 minutes

Date/time: Friday 6th December, 12:30 - 13:15

Topics: risk management enterprise risk management webinar