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Risks are changing – are you prepared?

It is said a lot, but we live in an ever-changing world. Just 20 years ago we were watching video tapes, using a signature to authenticate our purchases and had never heard of Facebook or LinkedIn. And that is without mentioning the huge impact the Internet and mobile phones have had.

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The Power of Analytics in Risk Management

Imagine a world of risk management without access to data, analysis and reports. It’s unthinkable. All Risk Managers know that analytics is key to highlighting areas of concern, identifying root causes of claims and accidents and choosing which high impact risk should be their focus.

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From Start-up to Corporate – How Risk Management Changes in a Growing Company

All businesses have risk, and with many start-ups failing within their first four years, somebody needs to take responsibility for managing risk, even in a small company.

When a start-up makes that all-important decision to grow, there are huge risks to deal with and there are even more on-going risks associated with being a large company. What was a basic risk management solution is now no longer enough – you need an enterprise risk management framework.

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Leaving Spreadsheets in the Past


I recently read the article “Goodbye Spreadsheets, You’ve Had a Good Run”, by Mary Long.

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Risky Business: A Risk Manager’s Introduction to ERM


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Should Risk Managers be at the forefront of creating company culture?

Corporate culture encompasses brand values, employee attitudes, policies and standards. A company’s risk appetite makes up a huge part of this and the risk management strategy has to be embedded across an organization to ensure a stable business.

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Changing risk management software providers?

We learned last week that Crawford & Co. has reached an agreement to sell the stand-alone installations of its risk management information systems software solution, provided by Risk Sciences Group (RSG) to Origami Risk, in what is being called a “Client Refocus”. This has to be quite a blow to those long-term RSG clients, who are now faced with the prospect of their RMIS provider leaving the marketplace and having to go through a market search for a replacement solution.

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New approach needed to ERM and managing risk? Thinking the Unthinkable

I Just attended the inaugural AIRMIC ERM forum and  I found the first plenary speaker, Nik Gowing, was really thought provoking.

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Redhand Advisors’ White Paper: “Aligning Technology with Risk Management Priorities”

In mid-2016, Redhand advisers undertook a survey of risk management professionals and, this week, published their findings in a white paper, “Aligning Technology with Risk Management Priorities”.  Find a copy of the white paper here

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Friday's DDoS Attack

Friday, we saw one of the most wide-ranging distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the internet in recent memory. This time it wasn't a single site, but the service provided by Dynamic Network Services Corp, or Dyn, which is one of the entities that is responsible for routing internet traffic to the hosts that users are connecting to. 

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