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Attacking the runaway inflation in your workers’ compensation claim expense

In a recent article in Business Insurance “Workers comp cycle poised to tighten for insurers, buyers”, a number of sources are quoted supporting the proposition that Workers’ Compensation (WC) rates will rise in the coming renewal cycle. With the line boasting a 95% combined ratio in 2015, the market expects that ratio to leap to as high as 105% when 2016 results are assessed. What is going on here?

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Experience 2014: Previewing 5 client-led claims administration classes

At the eSolutions client conference next month in New Orleans, I’ll be working with some of the most experienced, expert iVOS users from Ahold/MAC Risk Management, Delhaize America and Marriott International on a total of five sessions designed for the benefit of iVOS users. We’re working hard to make each of these five sessions relevant and interesting to users of our claims administration program. In advance of the 2014 Experience Conference, I’d like to share previews of each session. I look forward to seeing eSolutions clients soon at these great sessions.

Be sure to check out the entire Experience Conference agenda by clicking here. 

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Rite Aid discusses use of RiskConsole as a claims administration tool

Experience 2013: A preview of Rite Aid’s session

The RMIS as claims administration tool: The Rite Aid Experience with Aon risk management software as robust claims handling application

At the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta, I'’ll be joining Rite Aid’s Jason Heffleger, manager of Business Analytics for the Risk Management department, to lead a session focused on using RiskConsole for day-to-day claims administration.

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iVOS client Pendulum to discuss cloud computing & claims management

Experience 2013: A preview of Pendulum'’s session

Eight years of Aon-hosting: The Pendulum experience with RIScloud hosting of the iVOS application and data

Susan Jones, director of Claims & Adverse Event Management Services with iVOS client Pendulum, will join Scott Wilson, Aon eSolutions VP of Hosting and IT operations, to lead a session at the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta.

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How Sedgwick improved the security & efficiency of claims payment approvals

Experience 2013: A preview of Sedgwick’s session

Sedgwick’'s new batch payment approval process: Security and efficiency gains, and how iVOS users can get similar benefits

I recently spoke with Thom Baxter, Applications Development Manager, and Kashia Farmer, IT QA Supervisor, of Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., about the topic they plan to cover at the upcoming Aon eSolutions 2013 Experience Conference in Atlanta.

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If paperless is so great, why isn’t all claims administration paper-free?

On June 20th, I hosted a webinar for clients of Aon'’s iVOS claims administration platform entitled “Document Imaging: The Benefits of Working in a Paperless Environment.” Following the webinar, a client asked me a question I'’ve been pondering ever since: “If the case for going paperless is so strong, why isn'’t every claims organization already paperless or moving quickly in that direction?”

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Claims management and medical bill review systems: What does “fully integrated” really mean?

A recent trend I'’ve noticed in my experience selling claims management and medical bill review software and services to insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-insured employers is the growing number of customers seeking integration between the claims and bill review platforms. I'’ve also noticed that the term “fully integrated” means different things to different people.

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