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How risk, claims and safety software could have saved Jurassic Park

In honor of the 24th anniversary of the movie Jurassic Park’s release in June of 1993, this is a great time to engage in a little “what if” thinking and imagine how risk, safety and claims software solutions could have saved John Hammonds’ incredible vision.

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How claims reporting delivers insight to drive your business forward

Adjusters, claims managers and their finance colleagues know that the claims process captures a massive amount of data. They also know that, to add real value to the claims process, a claims system must empower end users and management alike to analyze that data. The newest tools available in claims-processing systems (not just in Ventiv’s system, iVOS, but across the technology marketplace) harvest data and present it in a variety of meaningful ways—basically, answering these age-old questions:

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Going mobile: Accessing your risk management system on the move

Anywhere/anytime computing is now the norm. Even laptops are too cumbersome for many field-based activities. Organizations now view tablet PCs as serious business tools. With risk management information system functionality available on tablets you immediately improve speed and accuracy when you gather source data.

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Change is the only constant: On the virtues of refreshing software technology

For any technology provider, including Aon eSolutions, where I lead the Global Product Management and Engineering team, it’s essential to continually evaluate the latest in technology infrastructure, application tools and design principles. For example, with technology infrastructure, we see big changes from year to year in the availability and quality of off-the-shelf technology “plumbing.” In years past, software developers had to hand craft huge swathes of a new system’s technology infrastructure. Today, software providers across the board are taking advantage of the vastly greater range of system building blocks available to reduce our effort and deliver new capabilities to our clients.

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