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From Start-up to Corporate – How Risk Management Changes in a Growing Company

All businesses have risk, and with many start-ups failing within their first four years, somebody needs to take responsibility for managing risk, even in a small company.

When a start-up makes that all-important decision to grow, there are huge risks to deal with and there are even more on-going risks associated with being a large company. What was a basic risk management solution is now no longer enough – you need an enterprise risk management framework.

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Risky Business: A Risk Manager’s Introduction to ERM


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The current (and looming) skilled-labor shortage: Why it's a risk management issue

This article by the Wall Street Journal's chief economics commentator, Greg Ip, set me to thinking about a risk that seems to become more real every day; however, it's a risk that is little understood and not often included in the risk inventories of companies in the United States. It has to do with the question of where we're going to get the skilled labor that we need in the next 20 years.

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Various Types of Risks an RMIS Can Help Mitigate

Taking risks may be inherent in doing business in any kind of competitive environment. Because of this, a company's ability to manage risks might make the difference between success and failure. A risk management system, usually called an RMIS, helps prepare management for various threats by making sure that the hazards are already known, mitigated, and planned for. With that in mind, consider various types of business risks and how they can be addressed with RMIS risk mitigation.

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Operational risk on a broader scale: 3 ways to turn vision into action

Earlier this week, Advisen’s Front Page News, a valuable daily collection of news related to risk management, directed me to a very useful article from American Machinist: “4 Things Plant Managers Need to Know About Operational Risk.” As the title of the article indicates, author Paul Leavoy’s piece is geared to operations management at manufacturing and heavy-industry firms; however, as I read the article, it occurred to me that Mr. Leavoy was shedding light on a challenge risk managers in any kind of firm often face: demonstrating to their operations colleagues that risk is not an “abstract, top-management priority that doesn't clearly relate to their roles or the boots on the ground they are responsible for.”

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Understanding and mitigating cyber risk: Where do risk managers start?

the_threat_from_cyber_riskIf you attended or read reports from the RIMS annual conference in Denver in April or the AIRMIC conference in Birmingham, England, a few weeks ago, it won’t come as news to you that risk managers are being exhorted to take greater ownership of cyber risk. I seem to be seeing more and more articles with headlines like “Risk managers urged to play greater role in cyber risk management.”

There seems to be a consensus building that managing cyber risk should no longer be the responsibility solely of information security and information technology teams. The cover story in Risk & Insurance’s April issue, “Cyber: The New CAT,” put this new reality bluntly and prominently, right below the headline: “In every industry and at every company size, cyber risk is a foundation-level exposure that every business must confront—one that must be viewed with the same gravity as a company’s property, liability or workers’ comp risks [emphasis added].”

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View the on-demand webinar: Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system

If you’re interested in enterprise risk management, I encourage you to view a recent webinar hosted by Aon eSolutions called ERM: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system. The webinar runs for 35-minutes and includes presentations from Justin Lovell, business risk manager in the chief risk office of Aon UK Ltd., and Angus Rhodes, RMIS consultant with Aon eSolutions. The webinar was recorded from a live, online presentation given Friday, December 6.

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Free webinar: Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing from spreadsheets to a formal system

Join this 45-minute webinar to learn how you can advance from spreadsheets to a formal approach to align enterprise efforts and make informed decisions that help embed ERM into your organisation and prepare you to avoid, manage or prevent future risk events.

Duration: 45 minutes

Date/time: Friday 6th December, 12:30 - 13:15

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The Daily Show: dashboard reporting from your risk management system

Risk managers have email, and they have smart phones and Facebook accounts. They may even own an app or two (or two hundred) and dabble with tablet devices and e-readers. We may not go so far as calling them techies, but they understand how technology empowers them, both at home and on the job. It makes sense then that more and more of our risk management clients are asking for their own risk management system dashboards in order to generate their own executive-grade reports – for themselves and for their bosses.

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