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Practical applications of data visualization: Aon's Political Risk Map

The risk of political instability in emerging-market countries is a growing concern for risk managers and multinational organizations. To help them identify their exposures and track the associated risks, the Aon Crisis Management Group publishes and regularly updates the Aon Political Risk Map

Now, I know that a business blog like this is not the place to plug your own company's products and services; however, I've received special clearance to spotlight the integration of Aon's Political Risk Map into the RiskConsole Intelligent Mapping application. I hope you'll take two and a half minutes to watch this demo-style video, "Visualizing Exposures and Their Associated Risks: Integrating the Aon Political Risk Map into RiskConsole's Intelligent Mapping Application." 

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How a partnership lets our customers benefit from location analytics

Customers and colleagues alike often ask those of us on the Aon eSolutions Product Management team to explain why we sometimes partner with third-party software firms when we develop new capabilities. The answer almost always comes back to the concept of core competencies. Our expertise lies in risk, claims and safety software. It simply doesn’t make sense for us to develop—to take one actual example—our own business intelligence application; in the case of BI, we partner with IBM and integrate its market-leading Cognos BI tool into our RiskConsole risk management information system.

Location analytics is another example—specifically Intelligent Mapping, our geographic data visualization application. Here we partner with Esri, the undisputed leader in the geographic information systems (GIS) market to offer our customers a risk mapping tool that we believe is the best in the RMIS market.

Topics: reporting and data visualization intelligent risk mapping

Calling all risk managers: Join Aon eSolutions’ Mark LeVeque and Esri for location analytics webinar on 10/30

I was asked recently by Esri, the world’s leading GIS (geographical information systems) software vendor and our software partner for the Intelligent Mapping application, to participate in a webinar offered by Risk & Insurance magazine that Esri is sponsoring. The webinar is entitled “Improving Business Performance with Location Analytics” and will take place on October 30, 2013, at 1:00 PM ET. If you’ve read even this far in this blog post, chances are that mapping and location analytics are of interest to you; if so, I encourage you to register for this webinar by clicking here and then attend it next Wednesday.

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