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How Safety Impacts Your Insurance Rates

 Just as every vehicle owner knows that a good driving record can help keep auto insurance rates low, companies should be aware that a good safety record can help reduce all sorts of commercial insurance rates. Of course, insurance companies love clients who don't file claims. According to OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, companies that make an investment in safety can expect to reap rewards in the form of all sorts of lower insurance premiums, including worker's compensation rates.

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How to Integrate Safety into All Aspects of Your Business

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, or DOL, statistics, an effective and comprehensive safety program can make a tremendous difference for businesses. Investments in these efforts are not just the right thing to do but also capable of returning their investment many times over.

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Ventiv has elevated the CISO’s role; why should risk and insurance managers care?

Earlier today, Ventiv Technology announced that the role of chief information security officer (held by yours truly) has been elevated to direct-report status to Ventiv’s chief executive officer, Kathy Burns. I encourage you to read the news release (on our website and on the newswire where we distributed it). In the release, we explain exactly why we’ve made this move and why we think it’s so important for our customers in the risk, insurance and safety community.

In this blog post, I’d like to give a little more background on why we’ve made this organizational change. In a nutshell, information security has always been important to Ventiv; we are the only provider in our market with a CISO, and this move takes us to the next level.

I’m frequently involved in sales presentations to prospective clients (as well as to existing clients), who usually ask some very good questions about data security/privacy and Ventiv’s cloud-based application and data hosting. We often hear similar questions at industry events and meetings, in the trade press and on message boards. The 3SIXTY blog seems like a good place to share some of these questions and Ventiv’s answers to them.

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6 things to expect from a vendor-client stewardship meeting

For customers of technology solutions (including risk, claims and safety technology), the annual stewardship meeting with a client is very valuable and important. Both client and vendor should approach it as a chance to revisit recent accomplishments. It’s also about looking forward and conducting short- and long-term planning. Equally important, it’s a chance to strengthen the client-vendor partnership by spending a few hours together in person without the distractions of the day.

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Change is the only constant: On the virtues of refreshing software technology

For any technology provider, including Aon eSolutions, where I lead the Global Product Management and Engineering team, it’s essential to continually evaluate the latest in technology infrastructure, application tools and design principles. For example, with technology infrastructure, we see big changes from year to year in the availability and quality of off-the-shelf technology “plumbing.” In years past, software developers had to hand craft huge swathes of a new system’s technology infrastructure. Today, software providers across the board are taking advantage of the vastly greater range of system building blocks available to reduce our effort and deliver new capabilities to our clients.

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