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Breaking down barriers: What’s stopping risk managers from making use of data?

Risk managers cite a number of challenges in making use of data. We partnered with Airmic and Aon to research and address the challenges faced when managing data analytics in risk management.

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I don’t live in the UK, what does the UK Insurance Act have to do with me?

Have you heard of the Insurance Act 2015 (the Act)? If not, perhaps you should do some reading before the Act goes into effect on August 12, 2016. The Act makes some pretty profound changes in the way underwriting data must be reported and the responsibilities of the insurer and the insured in the event that the underwriting information, for any reason, is not accurate or complete. As a risk manager outside of the UK, you may not think these regulations will impact you. However there are a number of situations where you and your risk could be effected by provisions of the Act: 

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Ventiv has elevated the CISO’s role; why should risk and insurance managers care?

Earlier today, Ventiv Technology announced that the role of chief information security officer (held by yours truly) has been elevated to direct-report status to Ventiv’s chief executive officer, Kathy Burns. I encourage you to read the news release (on our website and on the newswire where we distributed it). In the release, we explain exactly why we’ve made this move and why we think it’s so important for our customers in the risk, insurance and safety community.

In this blog post, I’d like to give a little more background on why we’ve made this organizational change. In a nutshell, information security has always been important to Ventiv; we are the only provider in our market with a CISO, and this move takes us to the next level.

I’m frequently involved in sales presentations to prospective clients (as well as to existing clients), who usually ask some very good questions about data security/privacy and Ventiv’s cloud-based application and data hosting. We often hear similar questions at industry events and meetings, in the trade press and on message boards. The 3SIXTY blog seems like a good place to share some of these questions and Ventiv’s answers to them.

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Instilling the importance of information security as an everyday activity

I haven’t read the whole study yet, but I was intrigued when I came across a strategy+business blog post from earlier this month about recent research on the effectiveness of information security efforts at large U.S. firms. The study found that IT professionals assess the threats to their firms’ data security quite differently from their non-IT counterparts (both at the management and frontline-worker level).

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5 reasons risk data is valuable for businesses of any size

For those of us in the business of risk management information software, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that the value propositions we tend to take for granted as valid and relevant are not always compelling or obvious. Take, for example, a key message you’ll often hear from us: namely, that ready access to accurate, comprehensive risk and insurance data—and the ability to analyze and report on that data—is of vital importance to risk managers and their organizations.

This past spring, Aon eSolutions introduced a low-cost risk management information system designed specifically for companies with annual revenues in the $1 billion and under range. As I’ve been speaking with risk managers at these organizations (sometimes called “the Fortune 1000” or “middle market”), I’ve been reminded that the importance of risk data needs to be proven just as any other value proposition requires.

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Tesco benefits from greater control of its claims data using RiskConsole

Our fourth ‘client focus’ blog looks at how the insurable risk team at Tesco has been able to gain full control over their claims data to improve store safety and reduce accidents. The retail giant also uses data in RiskConsole, a risk management information system, to implement risk mitigation programmes that have reduced indemnity spend and deliver a competitive advantage.  

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Client Focus: The taste of success for global property and casualty risk data

In this our third “client focus” blog post, we look at how Heinz has used Aon RiskConsole to help them better manage their global property and casualty risk data for renewals and also to track property recommendations.  

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Client Focus: Managing marine claims in one clear view

In the second blog post of our “client focus” series, we look at how Canon has significantly improved its claims management process with the use of Aon RiskConsole. Investing in risk management information software has enabled Canon to adopt a streamlined approach to managing claims across its European and Middle East operations, whilst enhancing visibility through one system and reducing claim lead times from three months or more to a maximum of 35 days.

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Client Focus: Cutting-edge renewal-data collection

Welcome to a new series of blog posts that we’re running called "client focus." Our goal is to recognize what clients have been doing with Aon RiskConsole, the justification for their investment in risk management information software, and the results they've seen from turning risk and insurance data into insights.

In this, our first post in the series, we focus on the Mosaic Company. Mosaic was featured in a previous issue of Aon 360 magazine and is a great example of how a company can use Aon RiskConsole to improve the renewal-data collection process and, as a result, generate significant cost and time savings.

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Iliinsky’s 4 pillars of effective “data visualization”—for risk, claims and safety managers

Last month, I led a webinar for Aon eSolutions clients on the topic of “Effective Reporting and Visualization.” The webinar was part of the Third Thursday Client Webinar Series, which is an informational, education-oriented monthly virtual presentation focusing on a topic of importance to our clients in the fields of risk management, claims administration and safety management. 

In recent months, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the theory and practice of effective data visualization, which was a big part of last month’s webinar. In this blog post, I’d like to give an overview of what effective data visualization can mean for risk, claims and safety managers. 

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