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How Risk Management Software (RMIS) Saves Money

Most company managers are looking for ways for businesses to save money and grow. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, usually called OSHA, declares that managing risks adds value to businesses. It's obvious that reducing work-related accidents and illnesses can reduce insurance premiums and related costs. However, safety also demonstrates value by helping to maintain a positive brand image and improving employee morale and productivity.

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Top 5 Risk Management Myths

Many companies avoid utilizing risk management software due to their belief that risk management software and risk management information systems are prohibitively expensive. In actuality, risk management software and a quality risk management information system is one of the safest, easiest and cost affordable ways for a company to mitigate risk. There are plenty of other myths that businesses believe regarding risk management, which in turn prevent businesses from operating at their maximum potential. This article highlights five myths that businesses believe to their detriment.

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Our Favorite Books About Risk Management

Large corporations employ risk managers and even dedicated risk management departments. However, the reality is that most small businesses delegate that function to managers or even small business owners who may not enjoy formal training in all aspects of this discipline. In fact, many companies rely upon outside consultants or even their insurance brokers and companies for many risk management functions. Of course, even good risk professionals have more than a casual interest in broadening and deepening their knowledge about the critical role that they play for their company.

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The Definitive Guide to Commercial Insurance Renewal

Collecting, consolidating and understanding the depth of data needed for the commercial insurance renewal process can be a daunting task for Risk/Insurance Managers, especially if they have to manage that process using a manual spreadsheet based system. Collecting data on hundreds, or even thousands, of commercial properties and managing this highly detailed data in a spreadsheet is not only a Risk/Insurance Managers worst nightmare, it also significantly increases the potential for human error and inaccurate data.

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Commercial Insurance Renewal Timetable

Collecting, consolidating and manually checking large amounts of data for a commercial insurance renewal can be a very daunting task. This business critical process, which can involve gathering data from different locations across the globe, requires a clear strategy to ensure that the correct information is collected in time to be verified and analyzed before being submitted for renewal. 

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