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8 New Purpose-Built RiskConsole Capabilities Introduced by Ventiv Technology Since RIMS 2014

It seems that every industry has its one really big industry-wide event every year, and for us in the business of technology for risk, insurance and safety management, it’s the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Taking place next week in New Orleans, RIMS 2015 is the place that exhibitors like Ventiv Technology showcase the newest innovations and enhancements to their products. 

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The Benefits of Using RiskConsole for Commercial Insurance Renewal

Using a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) in the commercial insurance renewal process can reduce the burden of creating endless spreadsheets, managing the submission of data on time and ensuring that the correct level of data is provided in the first instance. Being able to automate email workflows, design industry standard questionnaires and collate and coordinate detailed data from multiple locations not only benefits Risk/Insurance Managers but everyone in the commercial insurance renewal process. Brokers, Actuaries and Underwriters, and ultimately the organization, benefit from having a coordinated approach.

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