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Airmic 2016: The Insurance Act, a new frontier in risk?

Steve Cloutman


This year’s AIRMIC conference was held at the HIC in Harrogate, from Monday 6th June – Wednesday 8th June, and focused on “New frontiers in risk” within the world of Insurance, which enabled numerous organisations to delve into the world of risk prevention and management, industry innovation, employee benefits, and much more.

 The 2016 conference saw an amazing turnout of 1686 attendees, of which 463 were Airmic members. The conference attracted a range of people from risk and insurance professionals to company secretaries, treasurers, finance directors, and everything in between, all eager to take part in the educational workshops and networking opportunities.

Ventiv ran a successful workshop which aimed to inform attendees on how to implement technology within the business to enable and ensure resilience. To carry out the workshop we partnered with James Crask, Senior Manager Business Resilience of PwC, who led attendees through the concept of resilience and introduced the idea to those who may have come from a more traditional risk management background. Overall, our goal was to develop the conversation between ourselves and those who took part on past experiences they’ve had and the technological steps and solutions that can be taken to reduce business risks. Attendees were engaged throughout the workshop by working to answer a range of questions that could be discussed within groups, with a finishing outline of how companies can avoid previous risks and develop better resilience tactics. 

As well as running this workshop, we also undertook a survey in which participants were asked what they thought the biggest concerns are in the insurance industry at present. Whilst one lucky respondent won a brand new Vespa, we found that 31% of those surveyed, forming the majority vote, believed the Insurance Act to be the biggest concern within Risk Management at present, with “Accuracy and Reliability of Data” a close runner up with 24% stating that this is a concern. 

Throughout the three day conference the Ventiv stand captured a lot of interest, this could have been something to do with the free beer we were offering attendees from Harrogate’s local Daleside Brewery. We were delighted to support Daleside and to attend the conference, the informative sessions coupled with the networking opportunities always make it an incredible success and we look forward to AIRMIC 2017, held in Birmingham. Ventiv are proud to be AIRMIC’s preferred service provider for Risk Management Information Systems. 

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Steve Cloutman is Managing Director of Ventiv EMEA based in London. Contact Steve at steve.cloutman@ventivtech.com or +44 (0) 20 3817 7373. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevecloutman 


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Jul 6, 2016

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