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Experience 2014: Previewing 5 client-led claims administration classes

claims_administration_sessionsAt the eSolutions client conference next month in New Orleans, I’ll be working with some of the most experienced, expert iVOS users from Ahold/MAC Risk Management, Delhaize America and Marriott International on a total of five sessions designed for the benefit of iVOS users. We’re working hard to make each of these five sessions relevant and interesting to users of our claims administration program. In advance of the 2014 Experience Conference, I’d like to share previews of each session. I look forward to seeing eSolutions clients soon at these great sessions.

Be sure to check out the entire Experience Conference agenda by clicking here. 


Register now for Experience 2014 1.  iVOS320 “No Peeking: 10 tips on how to restrict who sees what”

10 iVOS security settings that maximize data privacy

Led by Jeff Lewis, senior project manager with iVOS customer Ahold/MAC Risk Management

Jeff Lewis of Ahold/MAC Risk Management will lead a session for claims-management users focusing on iVOS security settings and how they can be used to provide the structure and control that keeps data private.

Jeff and I are confident that iVOS users from all industries and sectors will be interested in learning more about iVOS security. The presentation will focus on the security layer and provide examples of where, when and how iVOS security can be used for more than just the look and feel of the application. This lecture/discussion session will provide numerous examples that will help attendees gain new insights and take steps to apply new ideas.

2.  iVOS800 “Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to make iVOS users more efficient”

How to reduce the number of human touches a claim needs once it reaches iVOS

Led by Karen Brainard, director of operations with iVOS customer Ahold/MAC Risk Management

Click for all 2014 Experience session previews Karen Brainard of Ahold/MAC Risk Management will walk through how her team configured iVOS to reduce the number of human touches a claim needs once it reaches iVOS. Ahold takes a “less clicks” approach to the life of a claim. Karen will discuss how automation and strategic vision work hand in hand with iVOS to advance the “less clicks” methodology. This session will be of interest to iVOS users from all industries and sectors and will give attendees ideas to apply at their own organizations.

Karen has been with Ahold for more than 28 years and has extensive claims management experience, with a focus on process improvement through workflow and technology.

3.  iVOS620 “Advanced Reserve Worksheets: How Delhaize uses this feature”

How to use the Official Disability Guidelines in workers’ compensation reserve worksheets

Led by Wendy Higdon, system administrator with iVOS customer Delhaize America

Wendy Higdon of Delhaize America will lead this session on the advanced use of reserve worksheets. This session was given at both the 2012 and 2013 Experience Conferences and was very well received; Wendy and I are developing this session to be more advanced than in previous years, which we think will make it of interest even to iVOS users who attended previous sessions.

This lecture/discussion session will cover the added value that the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) provides for workers’ compensation claim operations, specifically in the area of managing projected costs. Additional advanced reserve worksheet templates will be discussed. Among the benefits of using reserve worksheets in this way is that it allows iVOS users to write to all reserve categories with the save of the worksheet.

Wendy has been a member of the Delhaize organization for 20 years. In addition to her years of claims management experience, Wendy is the primary iVOS administrator for her organization, supporting claims staff and claims-entry users for the Delhaize Food Lion/Hannaford grocery store banners.

4.  iVOS660 “Communication made easy with Claim Mail & guest Links”

How Delhaize uses Claim Mail and Guest Links to achieve a more efficient workflow as well as audit control for managing claims

Led by Mark McCollum, claims manager with iVOS customer Delhaize America

Mark McCollum of Delhaize America will lead a session for iVOS clients on the use of Claim Mail and Guest Links. One attractive feature of the iVOS claims system is the robust technology that allows clients to keep everything within a claim file. Using Claim Mail and Guest Links adds to the suite of functions that provide the ability to do that. Mark is a claims manager for Delhaize America and has many years of experience with claims management. He leads a team of adjusters and is knowledgeable about all functions of iVOS.

iVOS clients from all sectors of business will have interesting things to share and learn during this session. The opportunity for clients to see how another client uses iVOS is always welcome and always expands to a sharing of ideas opportunity.

5.  iVOS700 “Your silent resource: How business rules and workflow automation drive efficiencies”

How Marriott uses business rules in iVOS to provide structure and efficiency within their claims management units

Led by Susan Tuck, claims unit manager, and Patti Loos, claims operations manager, with iVOS customer Marriott International

For large organizations like Marriott, using business rules and workflow automation improves auditability, control, oversight and workload organization. Organizations with offices spread across a wide area, regardless of industry or sector, will find this session of interest.

Susan Tuck and Patti Loos of Marriott will discuss a variety of samples and showcase the flexibility of business rules, including using additional conditions and dynamic rules.

Marriott makes extensive use of business rules in iVOS to provide structure and efficiency within their Claims Management units. iVOS business rules are triggered to notify resources throughout the organization for various purposes. For example, the use of the user diary screen (a list of all notifications) helps keep adjusters on track with tasks and provides oversight capability where supervisors can monitor outstanding tasks within work groups. Moreover, iVOS workflow provides scalable, one-source work queues for various work lists, where multiple users can simultaneously work the queue screen.
Faith Goodman is a senior account manager with Aon eSolutions. Contact Faith at faith.goodman@aon.com or 803-412-6097. 

Aug 6, 2014

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