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US Presidential Nominees' Positions on Cybersecurity


I came across this Fast Company on-line article this morning and wanted to share it. While not endorsing or rejecting either candidate for the US Presidency, the article offers some views on each candidate’s positions on cybersecurity and privacy; two topics that will be very important for the incoming administration, without regard to which party wins the White House in November. The article takes about 10 minutes to read, and is well worth the investment of that much of your time.

The security of the internet will, very likely, be central to the security of global commerce in the years to come. Whether you are placing an on-line order for toothpaste on Amazon or getting a software upgrade downloaded directly to your Tesla, the internet touches nearly everything we do. The importance of the security of the information transmitted or stored through internet-based services and the importance of the privacy of that information will help define the next administration.

Candidates will need to develop and implement cybersecurity policy, much as defense or energy policies have been pivotal in the past. In recent months, we have witnessed cyber criminals hack into hospital medical records and hold them for ransom. They have accessed the operating hardware of a German steel mill, causing untold amounts of damage. European power grid operators have been impacted and US State Department e-mails have been breached. This is one of the few business risk exposures that is based entirely on individuals deliberately trying to cause damage. Cyber threats are being targeted not only at businesses, but governments and individuals every day. Absent national policy and action, this is not going to go away by itself.

While not conclusive, the Fast Company article helps frame the current status of the candidates' positions on these key, and still developing areas of policy. It is most assuredly an area of emphasis that is still an emerging for both parties and is worthy of our attention as an educated electorate.

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Sep 1, 2016

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