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Ventiv shortlisted for Technology Innovation of the Year Award

Steve Cloutman

We are delighted to be a finalist for Technology Innovation of the Year at the European Risk Management Awards. We based our award submission on a technology solution we developed for a Ventiv client—Nestlé—in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group. More specifically, the solution for which we’ve been shortlisted utilises application programming interface (API) technology to integrate Zurich’s My Zurich platform with Nestlé’s instance of Ventiv’s RiskConsole RMIS. 

The integration was a first for Ventiv. To the best of our knowledge, it’s a unique achievement to use API to link a major insurer with a multinational client through a RMIS provider’s system. Indeed, we’re confident it’s the first time it’s been done on a three-party basis.VEN013-Finalist_banner-25SEP18 (3)

As for the genesis of this project, we proactively approached Zurich to help them connect with their multinational commercial customers—in this case Nestlé—to improve efficiency and ensure consistency from the data they rely on.

Utilising API technology, Nestlé’s instance of RiskConsole now enables real-time sharing of data such as invoices, policies, claims data, risk engineering information and more. Real-time sharing gets critical data in front of users faster, eliminates re-keying errors and speeds up the customer’s insurance management and loss prevention processes.

On being shortlisted as a finalist, our Managing Director EMEA, Steve Cloutman, said: “We have worked closely with our partner Zurich and it is pleasing that our joint effort has been recognised. As a finalist, we were required to demonstrate the creation and execution of a technology-based initiative that has improved the business practice and the management of the risk management function and evidence how this initiative redefined and improved the client’s business process.”

The European Risk Management Awards recognise the highest achievers within the European risk management community. They also reward excellence and innovation within the core service provider sector: insurers, brokers and professional services.

The culmination of this year's Awards will be a Gala Dinner and presentation held in Brussels on 21 November 2018. More information is available here.


Steve Cloutman is Managing Director, International, for Ventiv Technology. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn.



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Sep 26, 2018

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