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Ventiv's new ebook helps you evaluate claims technology against your organization's needs

iStock-611636764It isn’t easy to keep up with all the ways technology is transforming how we live and work. Even in the B2B world of claims administration, the capabilities in claims systems are moving forward at a dizzying pace. At the same time, it can be challenging to evaluate all the claims systems out there, which is why we’ve taken a different approach with our new guide to evaluating claims technology. 

The Essential Guide to Claims Technology in a Changing Environment looks at claims technology from a unique perspective: How—specifically and in detail—you should expect technology to help your organization meet its toughest challenges and capitalize on its most promising opportunities. We framed this guide to claims-administration systems in the context of what today’s technology should do for organizations navigating shifting, often challenging business and regulatory environments.

From talking with our customers who are claim administrators and executives, we know you’re striving to stay ahead of the changes impacting your organization. We know you’re also working hard to keep abreast of how technology can help. We created The Essential Guide to Claims Technology in a Changing Environment to prompt fresh insights into how claims-administration technology should do what any good B2B software should do: Help your organization perform your specific set of mission critical functions more effectively.

What will you take away from this guide? 

  1. Claim organizations face significant business challenges. This guide is designed to help you think about technology in terms of how it can help you meet your most pressing priorities, including accommodating less-experienced adjusters as well as higher caseloads for your more-experienced adjusters; ensuring your system is easy to use; making the most of automation, workflow, and management tools; and promoting operational efficiency. 
  1. There’s more than one way for a vendor to deliver your organization’s claims-administration system. We’re talking about vendor-hosted versus client-hosted software. Your organization’s priorities—not your technology vendor’s—should determine how your solution is deployed and delivered. 
  1. The age of analytics up and down the org chart is upon us. For claim organizations, that means adjusters who have access to actionable, up-to-date data in time for that information to be useful. To know what to expect from your technology partner, this guide describes how today’s analytics tools assist adjusters in their day-to-day activities. 
  1. An adaptable, configurable system is perhaps the most important factor in how effective your claims administration system will be when it comes to meeting change head-on. How can you tell if a system is truly as configurable as you need it to be? This guide explains what you should expect from a technologically current system. 
  1. Analytics isn’t the only key aspect of the data revolution. Data interchange is another big trend: that is, ensuring your organization can and does process the growing volumes of data (from internal and external sources) that support claim decision-making. This guide explains how technology should help your organization process and make available to adjuster the growing volumes of data associated with claims. 
  1. The old standbys of the claims administration world—regulations and financials—are being transformed by technology. How can you be sure your claims-administration system can take you to the next level in those areas? This guide tells you what to look for in a system when it comes to regulations and financials.

If you’re a claims professional looking to utilize technology to its fullest, The Essential Guide to Claims Technology in a Changing Environment is for you. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Gary Berg is a senior analyst with Ventiv Technology. Contact Gary at gary.berg@ventivtech.com

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Feb 6, 2018

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